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Trump at the Pump: The Full Story of his Post-Sandy Gas Guzzling and an Angry “Apprentice” Employee Responds


Yesterday we wondered if Donald Trump was sending crew members to gas deprived Yonkers to fill up vans for the production of his reality show The Apprentice. Our tipster finally got back to us last night and gave us a first hand account of the event:

Last night a crew of 18 vehicles all left from NYC to go to Yonkers for a gas station that we were told was opening up just for us around 1am. We left NYC around 10pm headed up the westside highway to Yonkers and arrived in the area around 1045. We got to the BP gas station at 191 McLean ave and there was a huge car line for it. Since we didn’t want to attract attention to caravan we spilt up and parked nearby waiting for the word to move to the station. 

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Disgusting and scandalous. And the staffer writing in to defend what this production company did must have Stockholm Syndrome or something to not see the scummy and uncivil aspect of this behaviour. I could have sided with them if the gas station in question wasn’t hanging a sign that read, "No Gas" as the convoy filled their tanks. It’s a disingenuous stance to take on an indefensible action.